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Simulation Applications and Measurement and Verification

October 22nd 2014

The presentations from the meeting are below:

Danielle Barsky - Headshot Danielle Barsky, ARUP

Solar Decathlon, 2013

Danielle Barsky will give a presentation about the Harvest Home, a residence designed by students from The George Washington University, American University, and Catholic University. The focus will be on energy studies performed to ensure the building met design criteria.

her presentation can be found here: Danielle Barsky – Harvest Home Solar Decathalon

Hyojin KimHyojin Kim, Catholic University

Building Performance Benchmarking beyond Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Hyojin Kim will will introduce new protocols on building performance measurement and benchmarking developed by ASHRAE, CIBSE, and USGBC: Performance Measurement Protocols (PMP) for Commercial Building. As the first integrated protocols on energy, water, and indoor environmental quality, the PMP is expected to be used as a tool to verify green building practice and to identify building performance-related problems, which will help diminish the observed discrepancy between predicted and actual performance of buildings. An application of the PMP will be demonstrated using a case-study building.

Her presentation can be found here: Hyojin Kim – Building Performance Benchmarking beyond Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Nicholas Blanton - Headshot  Nick Blanton, ARUP

Arup DC Projects

Nick Blanton will give a presentation about the design and simulation work completed for several local Arup projects. Specific modeling challenges will be discussed, as well as useful information for up-and-coming simulation consultants, based on experience gained from these projects.

His presentation can be found here: Nicholas Blanton – ARUP simulation projects


Simulation for Design

6th August 2014

Mohammad HeidarinejadMohammad Heidarinejad, Post Doc, University of Maryland

Matthew DahlhausenMatthew Dahlhausen , Ph.D. Student, University of Maryland

Nicholas MattiseNicholas Mattise , Research Associate, University of Maryland.

Web Application of Building Retrofit Simulation Located in the Urban Environment

For the presentation, we’ll start from what we did for the Energy Efficient Buildings HUB to develop the Retrofit Manager Tool (RMT) accessible via and then present our next tool for design of buildings located in the urban environment (accessible via

The presentation from the session can be found by following the link below:


Daylight and Energy Modelling

14th May 2014

Ladan Ghobad – Interface Engineering

Architectural design of skylights is a challenging issue in buildings specifically in office buildings for the purpose of energy saving. This session will explain the associated problems with improper design of skylights  and it will present design optimization of skylights to reach minimum energy consumption and building operation costs. Moreover, the speaker will provide a brief introduction about daylighting simulation tools; benefits of using accurate daylighting tools such as RADIANCE in energy simulation will be explained during this session; comparison of two simulation tools, OpenStudio and DIVA, in estimation of dynamic daylighting in buildings will be presented, and finally, application of daylighting simulation tools will be illustrated in case studies of successful daylit buildings.




April 17th, 2013

Lisa Ng Lisa Ng, Mechanical Engineer at NIST

Consideration of Envelope Airtightness in Modelling Commercial Building Energy Consumption

Lisa graduated from Drexel University with a B. S. in Architectural Engineering, concentration on HVAC systems. While at Drexel, she completed co-ops with a construction management, a project management, and an HVAC design/consultation firm. After graduation, she lived and worked in Taipei, Taiwan for two years for an architect as a mechanical engineer.

In 2005, Lisa began her Ph.D. work at Drexel University, focusing her work on indoor air quality and sensor placement. In 2010, Lisa graduated with a Ph. D. in Civil Engineering with a thesis titled “Framework for the Utilization of Forward and Inverse Airflow Models in Systematic Sensor System Design for Indoor Air”.

After graduation, Lisa completed a one year post-doc at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Currently, she is a mechanical engineer in the IAQ and Ventilation Group at the NIST in Gaithersburg, MD. Her work includes airflow, IAQ, and energy simulations, as well as IAQ sampling in a net zero house.

You can find her presentation below:

Lisa Ng – Consideration of Envelope Airtightness in Modelling Commercial Building Energy Consumption



November 1st, 2012

Amir_Roth_Photo Amir Roth – Department of Energy

Amir Roth is the Technical Development Manager for building energy modeling (BEM) tools in the DOE’s Building Technologies Program (BTP). BEM is used in building design and in the development of building energy efficiency codes and ratings, and increasingly in code compliance, building certification, building diagnostics and fault detection, building control system development, and dynamic building control. Among the projects Amir manages are EnergyPlus, DOE’s industry-leading whole building energy modeling engine, and OpenStudio, DOE’s BEM productivity, interoperability, and utility middleware.

Roger ChangRoger Chang – Westlake Reed Leskosky

Roger Chang is the Director of Sustainability at Westlake Reed Leskosky and Adjunct Professor at the Catholic University of America. His research experience includes work at NIST, collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health, and the first research study of a LEED Platinum building in the world, the Philip Merrill Environmental Center. He has experienced LEED from its infancy to what it has become today and regularly speaks at conferences on integrated design and high-performance buildings.

Annie MarstonAnnie Marston – Ebert and Bauman Consulting Engineers

Annie Marston is the head of the Building Performance Group at Ebert and Baumann Consulting Engineers and Adjunct Professor at the Catholic University of America. She works on all types of simulations, from daylighting through to energy modelling and CFD.

This was a joint ASHRAE/IBPSA event

 Location: Ebert and Baumann Offices, 734 15th Street, NW, Suite 1000, Washington, D.C. 20005, USA


May 16th 2012

James Kiriazes (speaker May 2012) James Kiriazes, Engineering Manager, Honeywell Americas Federal Systems Group. 

Understanding the Energy Service Company Performance Contracting process  and the advantages and disadvantages of energy modeling within that process.

Mr. Kiriazes has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry and has worked in power generation as well as in energy efficiency and conservation.  He is responsible for the development of energy saving performance contracts for Honeywell’s Federal Systems Group where over $500m in ESPC projects have been developed in the past three years.  Mr. Kiriazes manages a team of energy engineers and professionals across the country, all of which operate in a virtual work environment.  He holds his Professional Engineer registration in Florida, is a Certified Energy Manager with the Association of Energy Engineers and is a LEED™ accredited professional with US Green Building Council.

Location: WRL DC Office (1634 Eye St NW Suite 900, Washington, DC 20006, Located Above Farragut West Metro @ 17th St Exit)


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